Friday, January 28, 2011

dog,cat,paint,picture in kanji


aq.K said...

Can you write kanji of 'eye', 'eyes', 'paint', 'picture', 'dog' and 'cat'? I really do not know why exactly this words. XD

meaning : dog
pronunciation : i-nu

meaning : fat
pronunciation : fu-to-(i)

meaning : big
pronunciation : da-i,oh-ki-i

meaning : cat
pronunciation : ne-ko

meaning : picture,paint
pronunciation : e

aq.K said...

Thanks. It is really nice, that you answer that fast as you can.
So I have one, large request. Can you, please, write about most used Japanese emoticons? In example, if I want to express despair in Japanese emoticons.
Thanks a lot. <3

Most popular emoticon for despair in Japan is "orz".

there are many emotion and ascii art in Japan.but orz is most used and popular.this is undeniable fact.

see also Japanese Ascii Art.image.


  1. So, 'big fat dog' is in Japanese '大太犬'? XD Omg, it's really funny.
    I already knew that emoticon, but as 'OTL'. xP But I didn't mean that type of emoticons. I mean something like ' ;_; ' means cry or ' :3 ' means something like happiness. But thank you, anyway. :D

  2. your imagination is awesome!!
    but,big fat dog is called "大きくて太い犬".


    can look at this emoticon without character corruption?

  3. do you know what this is?

    it's on my shirt and i cant figure out what it means, bird comes before it and flowers perfume comes after it.

  4. hmm,I think it's 語(can you read this without garble?).
    but it is usually used with another letters,for example Japanese is indicated by 日本語 and English 英語.look it up in detail with dictionary.

    it's not Japanese but Chinese by some chance or other.