Thursday, January 6, 2011

Body Parts in Kanji

hi.I get next question.thanks!

aq.K said...

Eh, you know, every language is difficult until you do not learn it. Some people say that Polish is difficult, too. I was born here, so I do not mind it. If you are Japanese, then Japanese will not be difficult for you, right?
Btw. Happy New Year 2011~ XD
Did you have Polish readers on your previous blog?
Can you write kanji of 'eye', 'eyes', 'paint', 'picture', 'dog' and 'cat'? I really do not know why exactly this words. XD
January 4, 2011 10:42 AM

meaning : eye (general)
pronunciation : a-i(I)

meaning : eye (physical,medical)
pronunciation : a-i(I)

meaning : look,view,gaze into
pronunciation : na-ga(me-ru)

meaning : dawn,hint,sign,omen
pronunciation : ki-za(shi)

meaning : trillion(US),billion(UK)
pronunciation : cho-u

meaning : sleep,drowsy,oscitant
pronunciation : nemu(i),mi-n

meaning : people,,nation,citizenry
pronunciation : ta-mi

next time,I'll answer other questions.

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  1. Thanks. It is really nice, that you answer that fast as you can.
    So I have one, large request. Can you, please, write about most used Japanese emoticons? In example, if I want to express despair in Japanese emoticons.
    Thanks a lot. <3