Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kanji of the year 2010

Kanji of the year 2010 was announced the other day.
Kanji of the year - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

meaning : hot
pronunciation : sho, a-stu(i)

this kanji was selected because : in this year,
extreme heat, vegetable value was soared,
2010 Copiapó mining accident (hot weather area), Hayabusa (temperature of atmospheric reentry)


  1. Hiho~!
    Nice blog. Let me add myself as follower. I did not read all posts, but I will do it soon. =D
    I want you to write this kanji. Because you are putting it as image. Can you add it also as text? It would be wonderful.
    By the way, can you write something about you? Because now I just can call you Guide-san, right? XD
    Ah, right. I am from Poland, and my name is Urszula (diminutive: Ula). I have read somewhere, that in romanji is Urusiura or something. I think that this word can not be written in kanji. If so, I want you to write SHE-BEAR or BEAR in kanji, cause my name comes from the Latin 'Ursula', meaning something like 'little she-bear'.
    Thanks a lot in advance. Greetings.
    PS. Even after read Wikipedia's articles, I still do not know what 2010 Copiapó mining accident and Hayabusa is. XD (Okay, I have it. It is a space probe, right? XD)

  2. thank you for comment!
    please wait for my article for you.and I rewrite all items to add kanji as text.

  3. this poll needs to get a larger base, as you sad, this is somewhat insipid

  4. hi JIFF.yes,I really think so.

    right.Hayabusa is space probe.